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  • 23 Jul,2020

Vastu Consultant in Kolkata

From the very ancient times, we are well familiar with the two words “Vastu Shastra”. In the 21st century, it is very common among the people believing in Vastu Shastra. As usual, people often demand the Vastu compliant building or new construction or settle down in a new place.
The literal meaning of Vastu Shastra is the “science of architecture.”  It is a traditional Indian ritual of architecture. Vastu is an ancient Indian science that brings conformity and makes an affluent living. Vastu drives away all the negativity, evil, and antithetical things from our lives. Most of us spent most of the time inside a building it may be our house or maybe our working place. So we need a favorable place that keeps us cheerful and energetic.
Vatu helps in building a like-minded surrounding or place to live and work in a most scientific way. Vastu Shastra is a mystic science for designing and building construction. It combines science, art, astronomy, and astrology. So it is very clear that the prosperous life or a sorrowful life whatever situation we go through also depends upon where we live, the place, the buildings erected in which lands all these are related. If you want a wealthy, prosperous, and happy life you should visit a Vastu consultant.
According to the Vastu consultant, it is a science of superintending. It unifies the five elements of nature with the vast cosmos. The five elements of nature are earth, air, water, fire, and the sky. All these are uniquely known as Panch-Maha-Vitas. It has a great impact on the celestial world. The influences of these five elements are present upon all the living beings.
Why Vastu Shastra is necessary

Why Vastu Shastra Necessary

A Vastu consultant can show you the right direction to follow. According to the earth, air, water, fire, and the sky all these matters greatly in a man’s life. Earth is one of the major parts of Panch-Maha-Bhootas. It is the staple and the first component of the nature that emerges the maximum energy. It is very important to check the place, earth carefully before constructing a building.
It is said by the Vastu consultant there is the right direction in your house for the placement of water sources. It is believed that the north-east is a favorable place for sufficient water for domestic purposes. North-east is the propitious and suitable placement for the domestic water, aquarium, swimming pool, etc.
Fire is another foremost component of Panch-Maha-Bhootas. It is necessary to follow the Vastu for the placement of the kitchen, fire, and all the electric gadgets. South-east is the right place for the kitchen fire.
There are important directions for the right place of windows, the door to receive a good amount of air.
Space is endless and the space is full of constellations, stars, galaxies, planets. It is also called that the universe is the dwelling place of God.
Vastu Shatra is an ancient Indian traditional science of peace and wealthy living eliminating the negativity and all the evil things. It is a science of architecture that promotes the direction-specific study related to constructing a new building, house, etc. Vastu affects life’s quality so, to live a wealthy and prosperous life you can visit with a good Vastu expert.
Vastu is in coherence with the powerful elements of nature such as the moon, sun, wind, light, fire, etc. These energies are harmonized with Vastu, gives the utmost benefits to the householder. Vastu flaws in your space may cause misery, house of the scuffle. To cope up with this situation you should visit a Vastu consultant. The aim behind the petition of the Vastu principle is to emerge a favorable life and a Vastu compliant house. It gives the right direction for the arrangements of household things.
Essentially Vastu Shastra is an old Indian science that deals with the energy residing in your home or in your professional place. It is based on the natural elements of the universe which is called Panch-Maha-Bhootas. It has made all human beings. ( Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Space)
Vastu was invented by our ancient sages to formulate the natural elements inside our house. Vastu flaws in your house may result in the loss in the business, profession, quarrels with your near one, and much more. If you notice that you are doing everything right and giving your best still life is not in favor with you then it is your time to be careful and protect your home, career and should consult with a Vastu expert.
As we spent most of our time inside a building, it is necessary that the time should be peaceful. Like the human body, every house and office has a different study. Hence it requires an expert to analyze it. In the same way, Vastu consultants are the doctors of the building. A Vastu consultant can show you the right path to decorate your house in accordance with the Vastu Shastra.
A good, experienced, and a renowned Vastu consultant requires for well architectural planning. It includes homes, villas, hospitals, plots, institutions, and so on that need to obey Vastu Shastra.
From very old times, people are obeying the Vastu Shastra. Even in 21st-century people are fascinated with this for several good results. The advantage behind the petition of Vastu Shastra is that even a layman can understand it and set himself in a high place by applying Vastu quickly in his home without spending too much effort. Vastu can provide you a better day in many ways. It evokes prosperity, good fortune, wealth. It helps in finding a suitable place to live and work, achieving tranquillity at home. It also takes down all the evils and enhances business opportunities offers a better, healthy, and prosperous life.
Not every time luck is in favor of us and it is natural. Still, we have to survive with time. We can make an effort to cope up with our bad times by consulting a Vastu consultant. You can consult with a Vastu expert if you face some regular problems in your life. If you notice that you are working hard still you can not reach your favorable position in your working space, spending much more than your income, negative environment in your home, facing trouble in a relationship, constant business loss, frequent sickness at home, and many others.
So if you are going through any of these problems you should consult with a Vastu expert. The perfect Vastu can help you by improving luck, good times with family, improves the performance of your children in studies, surround you with positive vibes.

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